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So many amazing men in The Lord of the Rings. Real men. My expectations are just fine haha

Saturday Laughs- I don't blame Disney form my high expectations of men. I blame Tolkien (Lord of the Rings- Aragorn, Tangled- Flynn Rider)

Epic Final Battles: Lord of the Rings vs Narnia vs Harry Potter vs Twilight

Funny pictures about Final Battles in Movies. Oh, and cool pics about Final Battles in Movies. Also, Final Battles in Movies.


Ok, this is hilarious :) worth a read<<the real reason Dwarves and Elves don't get along.

The hobbit

OP - "One of the best things in the hobbit was Gandalf constantly counting the dwarves like an exasperated teacher on a school trip." One of the many things to love about The Hobbit - book or movie.