Jajna Hahaha

Jajna Hahaha

CR / Believe yourself!! Peace out
Jajna Hahaha
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Peace sign foot tattoo

Just a random chic from Houston, Texas! Namastè, Blessed Be & Mitakuye Oyasin!

pop art

pretty drawing Illustration art hair girl sad vintage cartoon makeup blonde comic crying nails retro Sketch details comics cry woman sob tears Make up lágrimas weep vertical popart hankerchief

he kissed me pop art

not so bad really though but Mabel was better. That girl could lick like the chocolate off a tootsie roll pop was in 3 licks flat .

Start with Sunset : Photo

“I -- Don't -- Know…” - Heart Throbs - (May 1970 - From the story ”Leave Me!”) - Art by Ric Estrada and Vince Colletta / Blonde Girl Pop Art Retro Comic Illustration / idk / I don't know

Blonde crying pop art.

Tattoo Ideas: Oxblood Doc Marten boots on Naked & Famous pop-art logo woman. Got to somehow tie raw selvedge denim and maybe a dead cow into it.


Love to the extreme