Jana Harmáčková

Jana Harmáčková

Jana Harmáčková
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Learn how to do an eskimo roll in my whitewater kayak. (A very practical addition to my bucket list, because if I don't learn *that* before I die, I'll probably die wishing I had.)

Someone doing the kayak eskimo Roll and hanging upside down in the kayak under the water during the lowest part of the kayak roll

Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River - or anywhere in the great big West will make you feel alive!

Looking for the best white water rafting adventures in Idaho? Check out Idaho's Middle Fork Salmon River, Main Salmon River and Snake River rafting Expeditions.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

A glance over the shoulder a whisper in the mist, an echo through the trees. Spirit travelers, shamans and tricksters. As surely as his paddle slices the surface, he knows he is not alone. Poem by Wintercove Paddler in the early morning mist.