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Czech Republic / coder, programmer, biker
Honza Chalupa
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Sphynx cat

Caring for cats depend on you for a lot of things like water, food, shelter, clean litter box and most important thing is love and attention.

| Pile of Multicolor Sphynx Kittens! |

Here's the kind of cat Dan thinks we should get. only if we name it Viscosity

Ahhh this so cute I can't stand it. I've NEVER been a cat person, but I want to bite her little face off, she's so cute.

** This is NOT a Lykoi breed. It's a Sphynx. Lykoi are bred to resemble werewolves. Check with any reputable cat breed website.

hairless sphynx cat -looks very much like our beloved Pixie!! More

Dwelf cats are small cats with well-rounded abdomens. Their small bodies are medium and carved boned. Their necks complement and so are in proportion with their systems and are brief and well-muscled.

American / Traditional Tattoos by Jim Miner, via Flickr

traditional tattoo colors are great! I like the colors on the rose just reversed with majority purple and highlights of red for my rib tattoo