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I would like to go to UofT (University of Toronto) because it is close and i wouldn't have to worry about the long drive home. on top of this i know it wouldn't be a huge struggle to get in marks wise.

Open Yale Courses

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How to Mount a Flash Drive on Your Android Device

How to Mount a Flash Drive on Your Android Device

Macro Dollar

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The science of love

The hormones of LOVE--The science of love--Stage Testorsterone-Estrogen--Stage Adrenaline--Dopamine--Serotonin-- Stage Oxytocin

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Quiz: The 36 Questions That Lead to Love - A series of personal questions used by the psychologist Arthur Aron to explore the idea of fostering closeness through mutual vulnerability.

Many people believe in the Happiness = Reality/Expectations Formula

Most people believe that managing expectations is a good way of maintaining high levels of happiness. However, the strategy is not without its pitfalls. In this article, I offer another — more effective — strategy for enhancing happiness.

With a foreword by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and author of Delivering HappinessWhen Chip Conley, dynamic author of the bestselling Peak, suffered a...

Emotional Equations: Simple Steps for Creating Happiness + Success in Business + Life