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계란 패키지에 대한 이미지 검색결과

It is often said that 3 in 4 consumer buying decisions are made at the point of purchase. That is why it is crucial for product packaging to have maximum shelf presence. Great packaging should…

"The family of Farm Pafylida is growing and maturing ..... Therefore there  has been a new need to design 3 packs for 3 different egg sizes: medium,  large and sumo. The packaging was designed from recyclable - recycled  cardboard on kraft colour, reinforcing the ecological approach of the farm.  Packaging artwork was redesigned in order to have a more refreshed approach  and to create the same single image across the product range."

Maria Romanidou & Natalie Poulman - Pafylida Farm Packaging Range / Egg Packaging — World Packaging Design Society / 世界包裝設計社會 / Sociedad Mundial de Diseño de Empaques