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two handmade ceramic clown faces on top of each other in front of a white sheet
several different colored coffee mugs are arranged on a shelf with numbers and letters painted on them
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three blue and green flowered dishes sitting on a white cloth covered tablecloth with the words yyc written in cursive
a white plate with a drawing of a frog on it's side and yellow trim around the edge
Handmade Ceramic Frog Ashtray
a pink and white flowered dish sitting on top of a table
Handmade Ceramic Pink Flower Ashtray
a black and white bowl with flowers on it
Handmade Ceramic Flower Ashtray
many cactus plants are on display in front of a wall with framed pictures and photos
Easy Home Decorating Ideas
Home decorating is not a big deal if you can look for easy ideas suitable for your budget. But you would need tons of creativity, and as you unleash them and transform your cozy nook you would be surprised how easy it is. Small things here and there can change the look of your home or add more aesthetic value to its appearance. Just by placing some accessories or opting for different color to change the mood can do wonders for the interior.
a hand holding a ceramic cup with hearts painted on the outside and inside, in front of a beige wall
four green mugs with orange and white flowers on them are stacked in the same pattern