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Finally. It's never too late to admit you were wrong. Page 1: Page 2: Page 3: Page 4: Page 5: Page 6: You're here!

Other dragons often think Spike is hardly a real dragon, having lived his whole life among ponies, but you don't live with a Princess who's special talent is magic without picking up a trick or two.

Here's a comparison of all the princesses. I decided to re-do them all since last week and here's he result. Draw this Again: The Princess Collection

Memory Lane by *I-am-knot on deviantART <<<<<<< It's a good thing Twilight isn't really Immortal.

One thing, Twilight is not immortal because she was made into a alicorn not born one like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna -actually, because she was made a alicorn, she is now immortal. She is alicorn now even if she was made one. So she is immortal