Rozklad čísel

Zahlen Domino Decomposing numbers with dominoes - start with a number in a circle and have students place the dominoes that add up to that number

Matematika - Desítky, jednotky - čtení dvojicerných čísel

Place Value Paint Samples. could make this larger to add places. Going to have to get the paint chips with more colors to make bigger numbers. Would be great help for my students who still struggle with place value.

Addition and Subtraction Number Ladders

Laminate a number ladder, cut small slits in top & bottom & add a pipe-cleaner with a small bead. Use the bead to slide up & down as you complete addition & subtraction problems (",). could do the same thing with a horizontal number line.

Worksheets: Multiplication Color by Number: Cake

Multiplication Color by Number: Cake

Worksheets: Multiplication Color by Number: Cake Fun, interactive activity to do with multiplication by Students just learned the hand trick, so this could be great practice as a fun, take home activity.


Wow, it was an insanely busy weekend and I am so sorry that I forgot to post about our Math folders and books from last week.

Fact Families

Blow up, laminate, and use for a whole class demonstration. Here's a large size fact family form for practicing basic facts.

Check out this addition Halloween mystery picture activity!

Super Teacher Worksheets has a large selection of Halloween math worksheets for students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplation, and division.