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“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” - Kahlil Gibran. ° More

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky. ° -> This is awesome! black and white photography meet reflection! this one inspire me for write something about reflection on my website.

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The knotted branches of a 'Spider's Web' tree (or a strangler fig) in a park in Nanning, Guangxi, ChinaPicture: Top Photo Corporation/REX

absolutely awesome.

❁ஜீ✽ ᙖҽąմ৳Ꭵƒմℓ ♑ą৳մɽҽ ✽ஜீ❁ ~ Absolutely awesome photo.

Fantastic example of hatching and cross-hatching. Tone is created with line.

a very condense cross-hatching technique is used in the mid-ground of this image, in contrast to the less condense contour hatching featured in the foreground and background.

Baobab, Photo: YOSHIDA Shigeru  would love so much to see one of these in person. so surreal!

Baobab, Photo: YOSHIDA Shigeru Baobab trees rival sequoia redwoods for what is probably the thickest woody growth, but do not match it in height.

Roots are like family; they may not be pretty but they help you withstand hard times.

Great visual for how vital the roots (ancestors) are to the tree (living family members).