Paper Tube Koi Fish

Thumbprint funny frogs- make into a bookmark for Nana

Hand and fingerprints! Could do moms hand and kiddos fingerprints

Fork stamping for the tape resist fence project

Weve got another lovely ladybug craft to share with you – learn how to make this super easy toilet paper roll ladybug with your kids.

Cardboard Tube Opossum

Do you know the difference between an opossum and a possum? Find out and make this cute cardboard tube opossum.

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* Et encore des mille-pattes.

Wine Cork Chicks Craft for Kids - Sassy Dealz

Konwalie kreatywnie

bow tie pasta lily of the valley craft for kids-St.

Yengec pa rlenda do caranguejo

24 ideas about Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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A funny and clever Easter craft for kids made with plastic spoons!

Plastic spoon chicken--A craft to help promote discrimination and production of /ʧ/ phoneme. Can be used in conjunction with books about chickens during therapy sessions.