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Combination of water colour and pen renderings have been used to produce a very clear, crisp painting. The information is clear and easily read. Great skill and control of media.

This plan drawing displays a proposed idea for a landscape. The use of different coloured and tonal markers helps to understand the design better and represents the different materials and shading that could impact the area/design.

Small lawn rests the eye and balances reflecting pool (Town House North West London by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design).

A small area of garden to soften the look - under the window would give a nice street view; by the hedge/railings would give you a view - and then the rest can be left to resin for cars.

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This timeline gives a feel for the development of the planting through the seasons, and indicates the ebb and flow of dormant plants, flowering and background greenery.

This sketch looks very realistic includes many forms of mediums such as watercolour and colour pencils. Two views have been shown in this illustration.

This drawing has uses digital manipulation by adding in a person which gives the space a sense of scale. It also uses both markers and coloured pencil to make the colours really stand out.

ISSUU - Landscape Architecture Dissertation: 'A Perpetual Pride' by luke whitaker

Landscape Architecture Dissertation: 'A Perpetual Pride'

Design Dissertation Portfolio completed during my final year studying Landscape Architecture at Writtle School of Design