Orchid care and love. Pinning this because this is where orchids experience their last gasp. :( And I LOVE them!

The Orchid That Owned Me

Orchid care: Water with ice cubes once a week. Ice cubes melt slowly so the water has time to be fully absorbed by the roots. Also, mist weekly with an orchid food spray.

Get a jump on spring with this tutorial on forcing bulbs.

DIY: Bottle-Fed Paperwhites

DIY: Bottle-Fed Paperwhites: Gardenista Bringing a little pre-spring flowers into the January blahs!

Banánové slupky nevyhazujte je to vynikající hnojivo pro rostliny

Do not throw banana peels is an excellent fertilizer for plants

„Babské rady“, jak ošetřit napadené pokojové rostliny

„Babské rady“, jak ošetřit napadené pokojové rostliny

Výnimočnosť rozmarínu.

How to Harvest Rosemary. If you have a rosemary bush in the garden, making your own dried rosemary is useful way to store rosemary, conveniently at hand for cooking. Cut the rosemary. The best day to collect rosemary is a fine, dry day.

Jak pěstovat šalvěj lékařskou

Salvia Officinalis (Sage Oil) From the leaves of the sage plant. Notable Uses: Anti-odorant properties.

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