Vánoční věnec - ruce

Snowed In

Make these cute and easy walnut racing mice from Red Ted Art. How adorable are they?

Cute and Easy Walnut Racing Mice from Red Ted Art - Kids Animal Crafts

Kids crafts - fall

Fall kids craft - good for the bulletin board or as a project for them. Use the kids' hands instead of our own.

Čluny z korkových zátek se zářivou plachtou. ...anebo třeba s pirátskou? ;)

Cork Sail Boats {With Sparkly Sails

A fun project for the kids to recycle wine corks and rubber bands from produce into Cork Sailboats With Sparkly Sails from Mama Papa Bubba. Take them in the tub for bath time or outside to the nearest body of water!


Making crafts with boys. Easy craft projects to use for boy scout camps and for boys to make and sell. Simple, fun and easy crafts that boys will enjoy. Craft projects especially for boys to make.



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