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Acne Treatment Did you know that "acne rosacea" is a skin condtion that is entirely different to acne? Can you spot the difference from this image?

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Commonly mistaken for a grain, quinoa is a seed. It's chuck full of vitamins and nutrients and can easily be implemented into countless recipes.

Každé léto jsem se potýkala se stejným problémem, jak si vydepilovat nohy bezbolestně. Pak mi poradila kamarádka tento babské recept a chloupky byly pryč! - ProSvět.cz

Say goodbye to cellulite naturally with coconut oil and pure essential citrus oil. Also eat a grape fruit juice every morning before anything.

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Finger nails to predict health

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Nail biting is an extremely hard habit to break, but not an impossible task. This habit is very common in children and adults. Medically, it is known as onchophagia.

Jednoduchý spôsob, ako si vypestovať dlhšie mihalnice a to za 7 dní!

To most women, beautiful eyelashes are just as important as long, thick and healthy hair. On the plus side, eyelashes are much easier to tak.

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O mne :: Fitrecepty


You enjoy wearing high heels when you go out with friends?Surely a lot of girls are having problem with their uncomfortable high heels but they still wear them.Obviously you feel pain while you are wearing