Jana Novosadová

Jana Novosadová

Jana Novosadová
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Rest House On The Lake's Bank in Texas From Mell Lawrence Architects 3

Mell Lawrence Architects project company has introduced a country house Mod Cott, located at the bank of Buchanan lake in Texas (the USA). This simple meta

Pole Pass Retreat The House For Rest In The Picturesque Place 9

The Pole Pass Retreat residence, constructed by the Olson Kundig architect bureau, is located on the San Juan Island in Washington state (the USA).

The House For The Villatic Rest From Toth Project Architect - Facade

Architectural bureau Toth Project Architect Office has projected the cottage for rest in one of the districts of Kapuvar city (Hungary).

Související obrázek

Jaro Krobot design the Wooden Brick House set near the forrest in Lučatín, Slovakia - CAANdesign

Risingbarn.com details our brilliant new age structures designed to blend into nature with sleek lines & customizable dimensions.

Walden Raft de Elise Morin et Florent Albinet