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Check out this AWESOME rhythm resource for your music, band or orchestra class!

Student Learning Objective for Orchestra Class -Rhythm

My district is one that is implementing Student Learning Objectives...which are basically large-scale goals for each student in class based on their ability levels. Teachers have to set target scores/learning outcomes for lower level learners to higher level learners. That means there has to be some sort of pre-assessment in order to determine the level of the students. I really have struggled in attempting to create pre-assessments for orchestra. It has been hard to wrap my head around…

The Kodály rhythm syllable system, pros/cons, and some history.  Read this blog post for more!

Rhythm Syllable Systems - What to use and why! - Make Moments Matter

This article explores the most common rhythm syllable systems used in elementary music classrooms today and works through pros and cons for each method.

music mnemonic devices | This is a mnemonic device to help you memorize the notes on the ...


Learning to read music is an important aspect of learning to play the piano.Music notation uses symbols to represent the various audible components that make up a song. Since music takes place over a period of time, music is intended to be read like a book.



Another very handy d

Keep Students' Attention in the Classroom - MusicTeacherResources

35+ activities to use at the beginning, middle or end of your lessons. Designed specifically to gain and keep students' attention in the music classroom