Jana Klejnová

Jana Klejnová

Jana Klejnová
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Gipsowe świeczniki

DIY Romantic Plaster Dipped Flower Votives, easy to make beautiful flower votive tutorial

Cardboard.  Large scale could be a wonderful collaborative experience.

A cardboard head featured in the Rice Media Center “New Sculptures” exhibition

Cardboard Portrait by juelz

Cardboard Portrait by juelz

Discard(board) Portraits Cardboard Recycled Art

jeanlucgodard Discard(board) Portraits in cardboard art with wall art Upcycled Reused Portrait Cardboard

cardboard portraits

16 Cardboard Portraits by Graders. I have done this with 5 graders, I think I will do this with my Jr.

High School Art 1 - Miss Killinger's Art Class

Students integrated math into art by exploring the Golden Ratio within the human face. Students used the "Mask of Divine Proportion" to collage the planes of the face together, using a variety of.

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Art Ed Central loves this styrofoam face Book Art, The Basic Design Class.

Kandinsky tree craft

Manuales: El árbol de Kandinsky - not sure why the moon is there? A great extension to last year's Kandinsky - is it too soon to do again already?

graphic color - Françoise Nielly

graphic color - Françoise Nielly

wire painting by Fiona Morley

Fiona Morley -wire & emulsion on canvas art design kitsch .