Slané dorty(inspiration)

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two tins filled with different types of food
a long table with red flowers and green leaves on it
there is a piece of cake that has been decorated with tomatoes and lettuce
there are two trays that have food on them
a cake shaped to look like a sheep with flowers on the bottom and other decorations around it
a decorated cake with cucumbers, tomatoes and other food items on the side
two wedding cakes with flowers on each one
Kevään kakkukavalkadi
Kääpiölinnan köökissä: Kevään kakkukavalkadi
a platter filled with lots of food on top of a table
caprichos_da_sol on Instagram: Vem ver minha tábua de petiscos inspirada na Leila, @sobre_mesaa Eu amei o resultado!!! . . . . #petiscos #petiscosdenatal #tabuadefrios…
the cake is decorated with flowers and beads