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the steps are open and closed to show what's in the cupboards on the floor
Placard sous escalier par Boris Beaulant
Placard sous escalier par Zeloko - Un petit placard pour optimiser le rangement sous un escalier. Il est constitué de deux tiroirs montés sur roulettes en contreplaqué peuplier avec 2 façades rapportées en hêtre massif.
there is a stair case in the middle of this room with tile flooring and red tiles on the ground
Costruire un mobile su misura per utilizzare al meglio lo spazio di un sottoscala (di Johno)
home inspo
⭐️SIGNATURE⭐️ #understairstorage #homeideas #carpenter #carpentry #newhome #newbuilds #storage #fyp #homeinspo
an empty room with white walls and wooden floors, next to a stair case in the background
the bookshelf is made out of plywood and has many different colored books
Boekenkast balustrade bovenaan de trap
an open door leading into a room with wooden stairs
Bohème - MARION LANOE, Architecte d'intérieur, Lyon, Aix en Provence
the stairs are being built into the wall next to the closet under the stair case
Neat neat neat! Understairs storage solution - Mark Williamson Furniture - bespoke fitted and freestanding furniture Buckinghamshire