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Na památku obětí útoku na redakci týdeníku Charlie Hebdo  In memory of the victims of the attack on the editorial staff of the weekly Charlie Hebdo  En mémoire des victimes de l'attaque de la rédaction de l'hebdomadaire Charlie Hebdo

Jean Jullien, "Je Suis Charlie" "I am Charlie" for the name "Charlie Hebdo", name of the french magazine where the most beloved satirical journalists of the last 50 years have been killed by islamisc terrorists in Paris.

cervena lhota castle

Červená Lhota ("Red" Lhota) is one of the best known water chateaus in the Czech Republic

prague - municial house

The Municipal House In Prague, Czech Republic by Richard Rosenshein

prague-vysehrad castle

Vysehrad Castle/Top 10 Places to Visit in Czech Republic

carls bad

Carlsbad Int'l School offers many things to do in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, for teens & kids from around the world.

Photo Collage with message Have a good night

Photo Collage with message Have a good night

Magic cube made of 26 friends! Create Yours!

Magic cube made of 26 friends!