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Pompeii. House of L. Caeciius Jucundus: Wall Painting, Iphiginia in Taurus. The Roman Society, Imago, Searching & Saving
Portrait of a young woman in red, Roman Period, A.D. 90–120, Akhmin, Egypt
Wall painting: Ariadne waking on the shore of Naxos; she sits on a mattress with a red cushion, wearing white drapery and a red necklace and armlets; behind her is a rocky cliff; she points at the ship of Theseus sailing away in the distance. Found in Herculaneum
Ariane et Thésée : Pompéi. Pompéi, VI, 8, 5 (Maison du Poète tragique, triclinium 15)  Thésée, encouragé par Athéna, abandonne Ariane  IVe style, époque flavienne.  Peut-être la copie d'une peinture grecque de la fin du Ve s. avant J.C.
Robert's "Life & Death in Pompeii & Herculeneum" - pg 78. Pompeii fresco. Woman spinning, wearing white/natural tunica (artist has outlined the sleeves in red for visibility), sea green stola, saffron stola with pale blue edging wrapped around her waist (?). Bracelets and brown leather shoes.
Fresco, Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii: woman with scroll and child reading (Roman, 1st century CE)
maison de la noblesse de Pompeii
Decorazione pittorica, I d.C. affresco, Villa Imperiale, Pompei
Villa dei Misteri, affresco | Pompei (50 a.C. circa)