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a piece of paper with writing on it that says, even though i relize i cannot always mend or meet
"This is Jesus. Not that He apologizes for the hard and the hurt, but He enters in, He comes with us to the hard places. And so I continue to enter."
an image with the words we are all a bunch of different looking sinns, in need of the same looking cross
We are all a bunch of different looking sinners, in need of the same looking cross.
a blurry photo with a quote written on the side of it that says, the world is too big to stay in one place and life is too short to do just one thing
Bldg 25 Blog - The Free People Fashion & Inspiration Blog
So agree. But not sure I'll be leaving here anytime soon.
a quote from mark twain on the theme of harry potter's book, harry potter
25 great travel quotes for inspiring global adventures
Travel quotes, Mark Twain #travelquotes
Wanderlust, Humour, Best Travel Quotes
San Francisco
a painting with an image of the sky and stars above it that says, the heavens is
the words love others so radically they wonder why
Photo (i can read)
Photo (i can read)
a piece of paper that has some type of writing on it with words above it
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an open book with writing on it that says there is no pit so deep that god's love is not sleeper site
Favorite Things Friday
Hapyy Friday everyone! I haven’t been this excited for a weekend in a while. Lots of changes in our household this week like Mr. LMB starting his new job after being off for two months. We actually welcomed the change because we were both craving structure, schedules, & getting back to work, but this weekend …
an old typewriter with the words keep calls to deep in the room of four waterfalls
Psalm 91:1
an old poem written in black ink on white paper with the words, when someone tells you that they love you just as you are, do not allow your
the words apricity are written in front of snow - covered trees and sunlight