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Jakub Nekuda

Why so serious ? ) Anger is a gift
Jakub Nekuda
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La evolución de los isologos en las grandes marcas

How Corporate Logos Evolve infographic. This shows how recognizable logos have evolved over time. Logos like Shell and BMW have remained pretty much the same. Brands like Xerox, Pepsi, and IBM have modernized their corporate logos.

18 Rules for Using Text

18 for - If your document has text in it, the rules. You’ll start to see a world of in your documents, whether they be reports, brochures, or even your résumé. These rules for using text apply across the board.

20 Free Logos for Photographers

20 Free Logos for Photographers is all about the beautiful simplicity, not the freebies. Good idea for a simple project.


How Long To Nap For The Most Brain Benefits - No matter how well you eat and exercise, if you don’t get enough sleep, your health is compromised. How Long To Nap For The Most Brain Benefits

It's sad because this looks like crazy sci-fi fakeness but when you read into all of these there is more truth them fiction. It's really sad this is happening to our country yet when we get home we turn the tv, plug in and zone out. What will we live for our children? Geoengineering - David Icke Website

the whole dumbing down of society is happening everywhere particularly in Victoria, Australia oh & there's plenty of geoengineering going on we're being sprayed on a daily basis