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a model of a house made out of cardboard
Front elevation and sections | studio II pj 1b | Maquette architecture, Architecture design, Architecture
a doll house with furniture and accessories on the table
けいかく中 - Canopy house – - 名古屋市の住宅設計事務所 フィールド平野一級建築士事務所
the inside of a building that is being constructed with wood and glass tiles on the walls
Glass brick building
the top of a tall building with many windows on it's sides, against a blue sky
The Art Deco Dude
an art deco style elevator in a building
Art Deco office entrance, London, circa 1930s. Photo by Sydney Newbery
the top of a building in new york city
Cross & Cross: transforming New York by Peter Pennoyer
an old brick building with a clock on it's front door and gated entrance
Our Erasmus Experience: Discovering Poland - Two Find a Way