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Jakub Forejt

Prague, Czech Republic / Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Jakub Forejt
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xkcd rocks

With Opportunity celebrating 10 years roving around on Mars, it might be time to revisit this awesome toon from xkcd, when it's brother rover Spirit died in a sandstorm:

Dogs wont get it

Rainbow in Poland, Wulffmorgenthaler

"Your home page could not be opened because there is nobody at home."

The Perfect Use for Internet Explorer 10 [Humorous Image]

I want this on a T-Shirt!

Funny pictures about Wanted: Dead and Alive. Oh, and cool pics about Wanted: Dead and Alive. Also, Wanted: Dead and Alive photos.

True story

Bitch please, My phone battery last longer Than your relationships. Bitch please, My phone.

Eels Looks Like They Just Told A Joke And Are Waiting For A Reaction.

Bad Joke Eel is an advice animal image macro series featuring a close-up photograph of a Moray eel with various captions delivering unfunny puns and jokes, very similar to Lame Pun Coon.