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the words are written in black and white on a computer screen, which reads my house makes a sound at night my brain
Picture memes OnTbzTo07: 1 comment — iFunny
two pictures of a ceramic figurine that has been placed in front of each other
a dog standing next to a bag of chocolate
a red and white sign that says pozor brno on the side of a road
an image of the back side of a computer screen with text in white and black
Kid: who are you? Suspect: I'm Bob. Kid: why are you here? Suspect: the cops think I killed my brother Kid: why? Suspect: I didn't kill him, he was my brother Kid: why? Suspect: because...he just was. We were both born from the same parents. Kid: why? Suspect: because we just were. Our parents had 3 kids. Kid: why? Suspect: they just did, okay? My brother and I were twins and then a few years later my little sister came along. Kid: why? Suspect: she just - look, never mind. I didn't kill my brother. I loved him. Kid: why? Suspect: why what - Why didn't I kill my brother or why did I love him? Kid: why? Suspect: I had no reason to kill my brother! Why would I want to kill my family? Kid: Why? Suspect: I wouldn't! I mean, we're not exactly the closest family but still... VIA Kid: why? Suspect: just because. Kid: because why? Suspect: because I said so! Kid: why? Kid: whyyyy? Kid: why why why why why why why why whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhyw Kid: Suspect: BECAUSE MOMMY AND DADDY LOVED MY BROTHER THE MOST Kid: why Suspect: he was born first! He was seven minutes older! I was always living in his shadow! Kid: why Kid: WWWWHHHHHHYYYYY Kid: WHYWHYWH YWH YWH YWH YWH YWH YWH YWH- Kid: WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY! Suspect: BECAUSE HE KNEW I WAS A KILLER! I killed my family! I killed my brother! I KILED THEM ALL!!! Kid: why Suspect: I JUST WANTED TO BE LOVED Kid: why Suspect: I...I don't know. Kid: ok. I'm gonna go play with my Legos Head Detective: kid, we've been trying to crack this case for a year and you did it in 4 minutes. Kid: can I have a lollipop now? Head Detective: just one. Your mom doesn't want to ruin your dinner. Kid: why Head Detective: oh dear god - iFunny
two door mats with the words best doormat ever written on them and an image of a
Live ambigram action!
some people are hanging upside down in the air with trees and buildings behind them on a foggy day
wholesome memes #6
a man standing next to two dogs in front of a tree and another dog behind him
Cracking a cold one with the boys.
two pictures with different words in them, one is an alligator and the other says spanish ins
English Insults Spanish Insults saying anything in Russian Casually ordering food in German - iFunny
the map shows where shark attacks are in the us and what they mean to be
50+ Memes to Assuage the Agony
three different views of water and land with text on the bottom right side, in two separate
I think I'd prefer this version - Comic & Webtoon
two small dogs wearing sweaters with caption saying, rick grimes vegan
Write an essay
two oranges with googly eyes sitting next to each other
Wait. That's illegal. - Funny
two yellow birds sitting next to each other with caption that reads teacher why do you have the same answers? student because we have the same questions
In fairness, he’s actually true - Funny
people holding protest signs and protesting in the usa
an orange bird with two faces and the words me mom, how come dad has no hair?
Really Bad Memes on Twitter
a sticker on the side of a refrigerator that says, any man who can do this should be allowed to
Agreed, would pay to see
Frases, Joker
Hate when older people say "you're too young to be tired" alright margaret you're too old to be alive but here we are - iFunny
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two men sitting down with their mouths open and the words me watching horror on them
Hilarious Memes Only People With A Super Dark Sense Of Humor Will Understand
Military Jokes, Stupid Jokes, Bad Jokes, Dark Humor Jokes
someone trying to pull another person out of the water with their hands and pulling them off
Jim Pls - Funny
the text says saying have a nice day to someone sounds friendly but saying enjoy your next 24 hours''
Memes that make you LOL IRL #6. DEAD. COME GET NEW LINK
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an image of a man that is in the water with his hands up to his face
a dog sticking its head out the window of a car
i appreciate the attention
the marching band is playing their instruments in two different pictures, and then they are not wearing
35+ Times People Forgot Something, And The Result Was Hilarious
two tweets with the same caption on them
the skeleton is sitting in front of some bookshelves and holding a wrench
NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Set to Drill and Collect First Martian Rock Samples
a humpback whale jumping out of the water with it's mouth open
Whanana - Funny
a man in a wet suit petting a white dolphin with caption that reads, this animal emits high frequency noises that can be irritating to human ears on the left? that's a beluga
No "can" about it ...
a shark statue on top of a brick building with the caption'i'd normally ask a question but it's 20 so i'll just keep walking
Nothing To See Here
four different images of the same man's face
Prove your humanity
an inflatable flamingo floating on the water with caption that reads, when you're feeling like death but you're trying to be positive and just go with the flow
a man holding up a stack of hats in front of his face with the caption me clicks on chrome once
Me: *clicks on Chrome once* Chrome: *doesn't open Me: *clicks again 20 times* Chrome: AW \\I - iFunny