50+ baby sewing tutorials

50+ baby sewing tutorials

Make Your Own Baby Clothes with These Baby Sewing Tutorials – DIY & Craft (Great Tutorial for Crib Sheet)

Bookbinding Tutorial

Well, this summer I'm making myself a new journal! :) (DIY book binding tutorial - JamesDarrow on Deviantart)


Tag seahorse softie - The website is in another language and has no tutorial.

something to do with scraps

SOFTIES - DIY What to do with Fabric Scraps. From pop-i-cok. Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition I will use this as inspiration - if you sew at all you can do this!

cake ball cake

Cake ball wedding cake wedding colorful cake colors color ball balls cakes wedding cake wedding cakes cake ideas cake idea wedding cake ideas cake ball - for a fall wedding the balls could be made to look like pumpkins