Records, girls and weed, What more do you need?

b&w, vintage photography. the days of the vinyl and record player. born in the wrong generation.


Alice in Wonderland / karen cox. "Bunnyland" by Alena Beljakova 2009

Bum, bum, motherfucker

It is so awesome to see how photo manipulation can work in a piece. I love how they made the explosion of smoke the same color as the body to really touch on the illusion of the face blowing up. It gives the image and uneasy feeling.

Don't think

Don't think, just watch. Many people watch too much TV now a days. Many television stations especially news channels are one sided and make you see just from their prospective. If you don't see both sides though, your opinions will become one sided.

Cross Joint

Back by popular demand, more awesome memes comics GIFs and goodies all devoted to sweet Mary Jane. Stoner's Only!




Stich by KatiiEdiits on DeviantArt

Take me away

Tang Yau Hoong is a one genius designer from Malaysia who performs negative space technique in his artworks. Here are 22 of his artworks revealing visual messages through negative space.

Everybody wants to travel

theshipthatflew: Ready for First Class by Alvaro Arteaga via Animalarium, from lethebashar and darksilenceinsuburbia

Open your eyes

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find the person dreaming the same dream. :) cool food for thought, huh?

My kingdom

Space Dream by LyKy Dragos, via Behance. Reminds me of treasure planet

Let´s be weird

Let´s be weird

Fly away

Fly away