For when you don't have board maker software.

2 x 2 Initial PECS Images - PECS is a specific system for teaching language and communication, it is not just a visual support system using icons.

printable autism visual aids going to the bathroom and wiping | Featured Organization: National Down Syndrome Society

I think this is great for any child, not just kids with DS. An excellent reminder for the toilet wall to help with feeling successful sooner. Toilet Training Children with Down Syndrome. This is an article on the National Down Syndrome Society's website.

Boardmaker Achieve - self calming

Strategies to Calm free boardmaker activity and picture communication symbol board for boardmaker software.

Grooming & care

Living Well With Autism - FREE Social Stories - Hygiene, grooming, puberty. Visual supports for sensory tools.

Pro Šíšu: Komunikační obrázky

Pro Šíšu: Komunikační obrázky