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a woman sitting in a chair reading a book and holding a glass of white wine
a poem written in black and white with the words you can feel it deep down, you know that it is coming
Manifesting Your Highest Good
Say hello to wellness & self-care being your daily habit. Follow Us To Discover Your Self-Care Journey Sera & Mattina (@seraandmattina) • Instagram photos and videos #seraandmattina
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a painting with the words i apoloize to my body, for all the times it was touched without love
a woman standing in the woods with a quote on her face that reads,'the awaked woman has no desired energy to rescue, mother, nag or coach a man into loving her
Sophie Bashford ~♡~ Thank you
Stars, Gratitude, Random, Version, Zitate, New Love, Amen
a painting with the words anything that makes you jello is teaching you gratitue