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two pictures of benedict cumberbatch and shelock holmes with caption
...and that's the difference! by XMeryHeartlessX on DeviantArt
One of those actors that snaps in and out of character in an instant. Like Jennifer Lawrence - I love actors like that
a man standing in front of a gym machine with his shirt open and the words when he lifts up his shirt, you can't
The Science of Johnlock
I laughed way too hard at this one haha still laughing!
two pictures of people sitting on a bench with an umbrella
Haha - The Sign of Three #setlock - though admittedly Sherlock had way more lines than anyone else for the wedding scenes...
a pie chart with the words people who ship johnlock
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The most truth out of this photo. Hehe. Image de sherlock bbc
two texts that say hello john, the game is on and he's talking
SHERLOCK Preferences and Oneshots
I mostly do oneshots with Sherlock x Reader and John x Reader, but I'… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad
an image of a man with a hat on his head and the caption, is this a death frisbee?
the doctor who is in front of an open book with words above it and below
15 "You're A Wizard Harry" Memes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Single Time
All the magic of Harry Potter’s world resides in these four little words: “You’re a wizard, Harry.”
a man in a suit and tie holding his arms out with the words, what do u want for christmas?
the princess castle has been made out of legos and is being watched by someone
this is so bad. just . . . just no. They did not just do this. They just can'…
this is so bad. just . . . just no. They did not just do this. They just can&#39... - #Bad #can39
two different pictures with one saying i have an army, we have a hunk
the many faces of characters in movies
Sugar honey ice tea
two men in suits and ties standing next to each other near a woman laying on the floor
I don't have friends, I've just got one -Sherlock
*giggling uncontrollably* he's adorable. OMG! I'd give my kingdom to see the video of this!!!
an image of a dragon with the caption that says, why are you dressed as a dragon?
a man in a suit and tie is on the television screen with an interesting message
23 Best Tumblr Jokes Of 2014
The only mystery Sherlock Holmes could never solve. | 23 Best Tumblr Jokes Of 2014