Leaves of Paper

leaves - so many concepts: symmetry, line, positive/negative space, shape.

Vintage Sheet Music - Printable Gift Boxes

print and assemble.ArtbyJean - Vintage Sheet Music: Set 003 - Vintage Sheet Music Free Clipart Biege Tan - Printable Gift Boxes V.

Paper Ballerinas

You’ll like this cute Paper Ballerina DIY project. Have you ever dreamed about being a ballerina as a child ? Are you a mom of a girl who loves ballet .

Variations on woven paper heart: from Repiny - Most inspiring pictures and photos!

Variations on danish Christmas paper hearts. The paper hearts and cones were originally used to hold small round cinnamon cookies, referrred to as peppernuts (if translated directly) and raisins as treats on the Christmas tree.


15 Cutest DIY Projects You Must Finish

paper by clairehobby It gives an idea of the shape one can cut and fold to get these adorable birds.

Věnec z papiru - motýli,  srdíčka,  decopatch, akrylové barvy.

Věnec z papiru - motýli, srdíčka, decopatch, akrylové barvy.