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a drawing of a building with two people standing on the roof and one person in the distance
"The black tsunami": An article by Green Systems, about the putrefying sewage discharged from our homes, offices and factories, that is accumulating under our oceans| India Water Portal
Practically every city today has adopted the Roman storm water and domestic sewage system
a diagram showing the workings and parts of an airway for swimming pooling water
People of Color in European Art History
Plumbing mechanics in Ancient Greece. Waste water was removed by complex sewage systems and released into nearby bodies of water, keeping the towns clean and free from effluent.
the interior of an ornate church with painted ceilings and chandeliers on either side
Welcome TrekEarth users! - FlyerTalk Forums
The Church of Spilt Blood, Saint Petersburg, Russia
a very tall building sitting on top of a hill
Montserrat Church in Catalonia, Spain
The Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy Vatican City Kirkenes, Rome Italy, Michelangelo Paintings, Visit Rome, The Sistine Chapel, Istoria Artei, Sistine Chapel, Places Around The World
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The Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy Vatican City
the interior of a cathedral with vaulted ceilings
Strolling Around Prague – Mountain Photographer : a journal by Jack Brauer
St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague