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empty pringle cans turned into candle holders
Recycle Pringle Cans into Pasta Canisters using scrapbook paper, double sided sticky tape, and letter stickers.
Altered Pringles Can
Pringles cans
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LOVE the different bottles with the single stems of different colors. Its so visually appealing and balanced! I definitely would love something like this at our wedding
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Make your own wood frame poster hanger! (click through for tutorial
nice DIY Gift Idea // Minimalist Framed Floating Leaves & Flowers by http://www.dana-home-decor-ideas.xyz/diy-crafts-home/diy-gift-idea-minimalist-framed-floating-leaves-flowers/
For the Home / DIY | Tree| really love this idea, I would paint the tree fully black http://www.mcssl.com/app/?af=1625340