Rainy Day Math Games - This easy-to-make math game is inspired by a rainy day…and perfect for playing on a rainy day! It’s a great way for your preschooler to practice number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and patterning.

Rainy Day Math Games - This game allows the child to practice number recognition, counting, and patterning. By doing this activity, the child will surely able to develop better number sense and counting skills.

Weather flashcard

Weather printable for poster or game cards circle time and weather.

Deštník, ten má život těžký - práce se šablonou, tupování

This technique in fall color paints and leaf shapes

Pop Art Atividade Inspirada em Romero Britto Artes Educação Infantil | Ideia Criativa - Gi Barbosa Educação Infantil

Umbrella cut up

Laarzen versieren: Een eenvoudig peuter/kleuterwerkje. Print een kleurplaat van laarzen uit op stevig gekleurd papier. Laat ze beplakken van plakkertjes ( ponsapparaatjes) en behangplaksel.

British Columbia Kindergarten Social Studies This isn't it (the link) - want to use the boot to discuss clothing for mucky places -- get into mud and describing what it is like; preferences in playing in mud or not.experiences with mud on farms?

atividades sobre o inverno para o pré-escolar - Pesquisa Google

rain and umbrella craft with tissue paper

Deň a noc

Day and night



Frugal April Fun Craft for Kids: DIY Rainy Day Paper Umbrellas

Craft for Kids: DIY Rainy Day Paper Umbrellas - My Kids Guide

Frugal April Fun Craft for Kids: DIY Rainy Day Paper Umbrellas: You can’t have rain without umbrellas, right? A great umbrella is the best part of a fun rainstorm. So whip up some mini umbrellas of your own to display.

Winter Rain Watercolor resist

The Best Winter Art Projects for Kids and Teens

Watercolor resist - lesson on water droplets and ripples - texture, color theory, shadow - how would droplets look striking pavement/water/leaves etc?

4 seasons tree art - Google-søgning

Four Seasons Trees Coloring Pages - Food Ideas

Дневник fatsia0 – BabyBlog.ru

Дневник fatsia0 – BabyBlog.ru

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Umbrella Rainy Day Card for Kids to Make (Spring craft) - such a cute Spring showers craft idea!

Echte plaatjes voor het weerbericht in de klas.

Echte plaatjes voor het weerbericht in de klas.


Autumn worksheet – Crafts and Worksheets for Preschool,Toddler and Kindergarten

Mauriquices: Guarda-Chuva às Bolinhas

Guarda-Chuva às Bolinhas

Umbrella with a ball print!