Iva Ondřejíčková

Iva Ondřejíčková

Iva Ondřejíčková
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Free moccasin pattern

Free moccasin pattern - instead of leather use pleather or simply knit or crochet shapes using your husband's or boyfriend's foot measurements as a guide to sizing to make a nice slipper for your husband, boyfriend etc

how to construct moccasins

Have you admired handmade moccasins? Instead of just admiring, how about if you try your hand at actually MAKING some moccasins for yourself? This is not really a hard project if you have the mater.

Moldes Moda por Medida

Moldes Moda por Medida: MOLDE DE CHINELO FÁCIL DE FAZER=My 2 cents==> I suggest using a heavy fleece, and cut the sole piece (only) from pigskin (from Tandy Leather).