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a red rose sitting on top of an acoustic guitar with the words russian in front of it
Крутой Супер сборник - вам очень понравится ! Шикарно!
a girl standing in a field full of flowers with the words russian on her face
Душевні українські пісні - збірка ▰ Mystic Ukrainian music
a woman posing in front of a yellow sports car with the words super on it
an animated image of two people playing musical instruments in front of a yellow background with green leaves
Сто українських народних пісень
a woman holding a wine glass in front of her face with the words on it
Українські веселі пісні слухати. Ой піднімемо чарочку
the girl is holding her cell phone in front of some trees and yellow leaves with music notes
a woman with blonde hair and pearls on her necklace, smiling in front of red roses
Музыкальный хит-парад любимых песен ВСЁ САМОЕ НОВОЕ И ЛУЧШЕЕ
an advertisement for the russian television show, 30 years of hobki tech
ТОП 30 ЛУЧШИХ НОВЫХ ПЕСЕН @MELOMAN-MUSIC Самая горячая музыка. Главные русские хиты страны.
a woman with flowers in her hair and the words dyquebro mech go cambiom
two men standing next to each other with an accordion in front of them and the caption below
Українські весільні пісні 7 годин. Музика на весілля Львів
a shirtless man with tattoos on his chest and arms, in front of a black background
Шансон в натуре! Сборник шикарных Хитов!!
a woman wearing a pink dress standing next to a tree with flowers in her hair
an advertisement for the 30th anniversary of russian pop singer, hobki tech
a woman talking on a cell phone with the words borce, aki nichi
a woman in a blue dress is standing in the grass