Kateřina Ivanová

Kateřina Ivanová

Fashion designer - Módní návrhářka - Stylist - Stylisitka
Kateřina Ivanová
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Pulling a suit off the rack is easy; what’s difficult however, is pulling off the suited look. And if you think that you can make a great first impression in just about any suit that you buy from your local department store, you are very wrong!

David Beckham is clad in black for H&M's fall-winter 2016 Modern Essentials…

Bringing together one of the world’s biggest icons with the global comedy star, David Beckham has reunited with Kevin Hart for the new Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham campaign for H&M. “I loved shooting.

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''Moe Mirsky bowed politely and began to fuss with his tie, dazzling us with the glitter of his shining wealth.