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My dog sometimes 😂😂he licks to much , I would do the same once I’m finally with him and I have to leave him , id be like wait I forgot To kiss you 😂

Funny Pug Dog Meme LOL

All u need to do to make me pleased is put me in a space filled with pug young puppies. Doug The Pug Plays With Pug Puppies All u need to do to make me happy is put me in a room filled with pug puppies.


Ornate Pug from the upcoming "Decorative Dogs" coloring book.

Hipster Pug @gregrosplock

Great pug illustration : richard and spice and everything nice

Colorful watercolor pug painting print,  good gift idea!

Colorful Pug Art Print - Print of my Original Watercolor Painting USD) by WeekdayBest