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purple flowers are growing in baskets on the side of a building
Poczta - Najlepsza Poczta, największe załączniki
Zobacz, jakie 18 pomysłów jest teraz na czasie na ... - WP Poczta
a large wooden barrel sitting next to a brick fire hydrant and potted plant
Aged Wine Cask Rain Barrel
Aged wine cask rain barrel for conserving water | 9 Bargains You Don't Want To Miss This Year At The Eco Experience
a garden with rocks and plants on the ground, in front of a fence that reads 11 diy lawn edging ideas
11 Beautiful Lawn Edging Ideas - gardenlovin
UPGRADE your yard with these beautiful lawn edging ideas you can do yourself. Lets do this!!
an image of some plants in a potted planter on the app store's facebook page
Upcycled Pallet Planter Ideas
Plastic drums are easily available and ca be used for different purposes. Cover the drum with pallet wood and make square tiles border on the top. You can make the different sizes according to your requirement. Fill it with mud up to the top and place the plant nicely in the center.
two metal buckets filled with rocks and plants
Betongpynt bland blommorna
Do this with that old cage birdfeeder--maybe paint some of the rocks in bright colors for a pop?
a bunch of logs stacked on top of each other with flowers in the center and hanging from them
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Korven of bouwstaalmatten zijn ook met hout (boomschijven zoals hier) of takken, kokosbasten e.d. te vullen.
a large blue barrel sitting on top of a floor next to some wood planks
Stylish and Low Cost 55 Gallon Drum Planters
Stylish and Low Cost 55 Gallon Drum Planters | See more about rain barrels, barrel planter and water barrel.