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a piece of paper cut out to look like a koala bear with leaves on it
four children's vests are hanging up on the wall with fish painted on them
a green leafed plant with the words petlistek written in russian and english
Pětilístek worksheet
a birthday card with an image of a cartoon character on the front and back side
Čtenářský list
an insect themed worksheet with four different shapes and numbers to color on the page
a blue vase filled with lots of sunflowers
a blue and yellow crossword puzzle with squares in the middle, on a white background
Picture reflection educational game for kids. Learn to complete symmetrical worksheets for preschool activities. Tasks for coloring grid pages, picture mosaics, or pixel art. Finish the honey bee.
paper cut out of children's faces are displayed on a table with red and pink hearts
Ritratto mamma 2023
Scuola Infanzia Spina
the paper duck is cut out and glued to make it look like he's working on
an image of a wheel with words in different languages on the top and bottom half
Děti a čas - učíme se dny v týdnu - Kuncicka.cz