Bookcase replace closet door....awesome!

Stand collar green woollen short coat/jacket

Replace a closet door with a bookcase door. Great idea to hide the water heater. No more ugly, never touched water heater door.

Love this idea for extra storage!

Revamp Bathroom Mirror: Before & After -- And it doesn't involve cutting or removing the mirror! Not that I have a mirror in the house larger than a Or a bathroom that large. My bathroom is about as large as that mirror I think.

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Make Rag Rug From Old T-shirts - A Piece Of Rainbow - GENIUS! seamless no sew idea

Make Rag Rug From Old T-shirts

Really fun and detailed tutorial on how to make rag rug from old t-shirts, and how to weave beautiful rugs on a cardboard loom or hula hoop loom!

Dizain vannoy 10

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