Sculpt a Beautiful Back with these three dumbbell exercises!

3 Moves to Sculpt a Beautiful Back

There is nothing sexier than a women who has a toned upper back! A well-toned upper back makes wearing tank tops, spaghetti-straps, and those SUPER sexy low-cut

Make back fat a thing of the past with these 11 back toning exercises that combine to target the upper, middle and lower back for a slim, toned back!

How To Lose Pesky Back Fat (11 Best Toning Exercises + Instructions)

Science proves that workouts can be really effective as short bursts rather than hour-long routines. Get your sweat on with this simple workout that can be squeezed into the busiest of schedules.

The Workout Routine That Helps You Burn Fat Like Crazy-Tabata is an HI workout that has weight-loss and fitness benefits. Its advantages are that is a short and very effective workout and can be done at home. The Tabata is invented by Dr.