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many different pillows with animals on them and one has a blue bow around its neck
В каждой нашей коллекции бэбитойсов, а их 10 разных, есть большой выбор персонажей на любой вкус☺️ Вы можете сами собрать свой собственный неповторимый набор из полюбившихся героев🤗 1) на в меню выберите -"БЭБИТОЙСЫ" 2) затем 1-ну из 10-ти коллекций 3) если Вы на смартфоне/планшете, - жмите плюсик справа от слова "Бортики", затем на кнопку - "Бэбитойсы по отдельности"👌🏻 4) кидайте все, что нравится, в корзину 5) нажимайте кнопку "оформить заказ" 6) сайт сам посчитает достав...
the pillows on the couch are decorated with white stars and ribbon tied around them,
Free sewing projects and patterns
Star cushion project | could use a needlework piece on this | finishing idea
an image of a patchwork pattern with a dog on it's face and the words, i love dogs
Пэчворк. Блок ромб, мастер класс по лоскутному шитью - Лунтики
Пэчворк. Блок ромб, мастер класс по лоскутному шитью
a quilt block with flowers on it
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
Calico Scotty Dog Grab Bag Fabric Easy Pre-Cut Quilt Blocks Kit by kelley
four pictures of different shades of lace hanging from lampshades and chandeliers
Vintage Lace & Doilies: Upcycled and Repurposed
Lace & doily lampshades
four different pillows with lace on them and pictures in the middle one is made from an old book
Almofadas com crochê.
three pictures of blue flowers on a white couch
Inspiration for the Space Around You | Hunker
Ok. I'm not much of a seamstress, but I need to learn how to make these. They are adorable.
instructions for how to make a diy ruffled headboard from an old piece of furniture
Patterned Paper Wreath - Remix!
Cute Pillow
the process of making yellow flowers out of paper towels and cloths is shown here
diy pillow More
the process of making butterfly pillows is shown in three different stages, including one being cut out
DIY Butterfly Pillow Cover
DIY Butterfly
a white pillow with butterfly appliques on it sitting on top of a bed
Butterfly Cushions
create Tara's cosy Butterfly cushion
a pillow with flowers on it sitting on a couch
From! #almofada #decoração #sofa #casalinda #cushion #pillow #case #sala #artesanato #flor #feltro #felt #vilt
pink and white pillows on a bed with ruffles around the edges, along with a bouquet of flowers
Gorgeous White Pink Ruffle Cushion Cover - what do you think?