wire art - fish, whales and similar

drátěné objekty ve tvaru ryb a dalších mořských živočichů
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a metal wall hanging with two fish in the shape of a circle on a white brick wall
'Koi Carp Wall Art (Outsize Metal Wall Fish sculpture)' by Shaun McPherson
Mild steel Wall Mounted or Wall Hanging sculpture by artist Shaun McPherson titled: 'Koi Carp Wall Art (Outsize Metal Swimming Wall Suspended Fish statue)'
a metal fish sculpture sitting on top of a table
Háček - rybička se skleněnými knoflíky
Háček - rybička se skleněnými knoflíky
four different sea animals are drawn on a wall
De Beaux Souvenirs - Création décoration
a wooden box filled with seashells on top of a wood floor next to a wall
Rendez-vous plage Beausoleil ... - rêve de lune
Bord de mer
a metal fish sculpture sitting on top of a white surface
Thomas Hill - 'Fish'
a metal fish sculpture sitting in the grass
Metal yard art.
a small card holder with a fish design on the front and sides, made out of cardboard
Mid-Century Modernism Antiques | eBay
Retro Vintage Mid Century Tv Dresser Table Lamp Laced Fibergalss Shade Fish
a piece of metal wire sitting on top of a wooden table next to a tag
drátované ozdoby(ozdoba)-ryba, kapřík
an intricate metal design on the side of a car window with gold beads and pearls
a wire fish sculpture hanging on the wall next to two rocks and an acorn
wire art - Lucie Auerswaldová-Babáková
a black and white drawing of a fish with spirals on it's side
a fish made out of wire and glass beads hanging on the wall in front of a white wall
Beaded Fish Windchime
Beaded Fish Windchime