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Развиваем малыша

Colourful mittens! Instructions not included on link but it just seems like a lot of cutting and gluing. Could be modified to use for K-4th grade.

Coloured paper winter mitten craft - fun for little ones!

Christmas mitten handprint craft for preschool

23 Cute and Fun Handprint and Footprint Crafts for Kids - The...


Art to go along with the simple story, Snow. Use inference as a strategy.

paint on construction paper

So I've been thinking of ways to involve the toddlers in painting a mural on the fence. Mask tape rectangles and give each toddler a masking tape rectangle to paint in. It will look like an abstract skyline.

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Zimní sporty - stíny – Bartolomějův blog (Mujblog.info v3.1)