Mitsubishi Ends Association With Ecstasy

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have announced that they are to end their long standing association with ecstasy, with immediate effect. Mitsubishi spokesperson Takishi Soma, claimed that the split was amicable and due to “creative differences”.

Topless Man In Mirror Selfie Definitely A Prick

That topless guy taking a mirror selfie is a complete knob-jockey, confirms everybody in the world. Wunderground spoke to several members of the general public earlier today and quizzed them in the street as to

Space Ibiza To Become Nandos in 2017

Breaking news from Ibiza today indicates that the superclub Space is set to be transformed into a Nandos in time for the beginning of the 2017 season.

Girl Shocks New Boyfriend By Knowing About Techno

A man in Nottingham, England, has been left in a severe state of shock after discovering that his new girlfriend actually knows about techno. Trevor White admitted to being “absolutely flummoxed” after his new girlfriend claimed

Renegade Master Banned Once Again From The Club For Ill Behaviour

The Renegade Master has been banned once again from his local nightclub for repeated ill behaviour over the course of last weekend.

Techno DJs Now Learning German Before Learning To Beatmatch

Techno DJs all over the world are reportedly learning to speak German before learning to beatmatch in an attempt to further their career. According to sources, non German speaking techno DJs now face a huge language

Bouncer Secretly Sad You Drunkenly Called Him An Ape

A local nightclub bouncer has cried himself to sleep for the fourth consecutive night after taking a barrage of drunken abuse from people he turned away from his door last weekend. Despite his cool exterior, Marvin

Bedroom DJs 100% Less Likely To Pull Birds Than Club DJs

A recent survey carried out on DJs has revealed that bedroom DJs are one hundred percent less likely to pull birds than club DJs. According to the survey’s results, normal factors like age, looks, or

Eccentric Techno Producer Actually Just An Asshole

An techno producer who masks his substandard music with an air eccentricity is actually just an asshole, it has emerged. DJ Blast, real name Ben Creighton, has been producing techno for the last fifteen years with

Gym Rat Admits He Only Lifts Weights To Walk Around Ibiza Topless

Gym Rat Admits He Only Lifts Weights To Walk Around Ibiza Topless

Drug Dealer Spontaneously Combusts After Accidentally Answering Phone To Private Number

Horror As Man Spontaneously Combusts After Accidentally Answering Private Number

Man Who Offered Mates Bumps Of Ketamine Just To Be Polite Annoyed They Actually Accepted

A young ketamine user, clubber and tattooed gimpster, has had his entire bag of ketamine horsed by several friends at a party after he offered a bump to people as an empty gesture hoping they

Man Only Washing Hands Because The Toilet Attendant Is Looking

A man who recently washed his hands after using the bathroom in a nightclub has confirmed that he only did so because the toilet attendant was looking. Patrick Clinton, a twenty one year old apprentice carpenter