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Cotton Candy Vendor , India (photography, photo, picture, image, beautiful, amazing, travel, world, places, people, portrait)

Cotton Candy vendor also known as 'Buddhi ke baal' (Old woman's hair) or Bombay Mithai. For all people who have a sweet tooth.This gentleman and other who sell Cotton Candy can be found roaming around the markets of Mumbai.

tdk-19 2:10:2014

Sunrise photography is really outstanding and marvelous if done right. It is art to catch a perfect sunrise photo, it requires patience, perfect timing and

Picture of coconut trees reflected in flooded paddy, Kerala, India (National Geographic)

While on a stroll with friends one morning in a village near the Nilambur forest in Kerala, India, photographer Noushad PT noticed the sun streaming through the coconut trees, creating a reflection in the flooded paddy.