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a poster for the webinar from idea to impact easy content marketing with canva & edt
From Idea to Impact: Easy Content Marketing with Canva & Issuu
Join us for an exciting #webinar where we unveil the power of streamlining your creative process with Issuu and Canva. Learn from Canva’s Warren Chen and our experts as they share insider tips on revolutionizing your content creation and distribution process with a single solution. Register now!
Issuu + Canva user highlight - Megan Weeks Design
@meganweeksdesignco specializes in intentional brand strategy and web design for wellness professionals, and chooses Issuu + Canva for pitch decks and presentations! For creative professionals like Megan and her team, it is essential to have a design and publishing workflow that enables you to be at your best! Unleash your creative spirit today with Issuu’s app on Canva.
Issuu + Canva user highlight - PEACHBOX CO.
Removing the work and stress from gifting so that you can focus on celebrating the moment; @PeachBoxCo specializes in beautiful and thoughtful gift boxes. PEACHBOX CO creates their full-length seasonal catalogs on @canva, and hosts and transforms them with Issuu. Their curated catalogs are definitely worth taking time to flip through…just be prepared to be seriously tempted to send a box to a friend or family member on the spot!